The BIG Donny Lie

For those of you that think Donald Trump started his Empire on a shoestring budget raise your hand. Donald has led people to believe that his dad lent him a measly $1000000 and he grew his Empire from there. That’s absolutely untrue and you need to watch this video to see the disgusting truth and how many lies Trump has told. Your jaw will drop!

UPDATE – Well, believe it or not the video has been removed from YouTube. But the video went on to say that Trump’s father originally loaned him 20 million dollars and then throughout the years Trump’s dad had to keep bailing him out with an amount totalling 465 million dollars.

The reason why he had to keep saving his wonderful son Donny is because he kept losing money on horrible Investments. So that’s the great businessman were talking about. Too bad the video wasn’t still online because there’s a lot more lies exposed about this con man.

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