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Matt Gaetz

Gaetzgate-The Matt Mess Grows

Matt Gaetz sought preemptive pardon in final weeks of Trump’s presidency.  He seemed to think he would need it for some reason.  Well, that reason seems to be rearing its ugly head.  BTW, it’s no…


I’ve Had Enough of The Karplasticans

In protest of Kardashian coverage, a Florida news anchor stormed off the set midway through a live broadcast. When confronted with reports that Kylie Jenner has a new bunny named Bruce, John Brown walked out…

Democrats attacking each other

What The Hell Is Wrong With Dems?

Is this what we have become with the “cancel culture”? Title someone guilty before a full investigation or trial? This is outrageous! Facing unprecedented political isolation, a defiant New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo insisted on…

Trump loves stupid people

I Love The Poorly Educated

“I Love The Poorly Educated” Donald Trump always enjoyed massive support from uneducated, low-information white people. Political scientists has been studying what voters know and how they think for well over 65 years. The results are…

Donald Trump pulls a fit

Demented Donny Lashes Out At Mitch The Turtle.

The GOP party seems to be cracking at the seams. After Moscow Mitch’s hypocritical impeachment speech; he ruffled little Don’s shorts causing the party to crack more. Trump went on a broadsided assault just days…

Right-wing Radical Threatens to Kill Biden

Another right-wing, white, domestic terrorist male makes direct threats to kill President Joe Biden. The North Carolina man has been charged with making threats to kill President Joe Biden, according to a federal criminal complaint unsealed in…

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